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Several important innovations will be introduced on AZAL and AZALJET flights
AZAL introduces updated flight schedule on domestic routes
Azerbaijan Airlines will launch Ganja-Nakhchivan flights
Azerbaijan domestic from 25 AZN
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Azerbaijani food combines European, Turkish and Central Asian elements. Dishes include the much-celebrated "Plov", a delicious, spicy specialty made with pine nuts, vegetables and dried fruit, in addition to rice and meat. Certain types of "Plov" use chicken instead of mutton and include chestnuts. Grilled kebabs of various kinds are popular, including "Lyulya kebab" made from spiced, minced lamb pressed onto skewers. Meals often start with rich, heavy soups: "Piti" is a mutton soup bulked out with chickpeas and slowly cooked in individual earthenware pots in the oven and served in the same pots. Also popular is "Dovga" - a sharp, yogurt and spinach-based soup containing rice and meatballs. Sturgeon served both smoked and fresh, and surgeon, beluga caviar have traditionally been fished from the Caspian Sea. "Kutab" pastries stuffed with spinach or pumpkin are another local specialty. Baku has a reasonable selection of Azerbaijani, Western, Russian, Chinese, Arab, and Mexican, Indian style restaurants. Alcohol is widely available. Wines, brandies and vodka are produced locally.

Baku has an active nightlife with several restaurants, late-night bars and nightclubs catering largely to the foreign business community and wealthy local business people. Popular bars include 1033 (at the Hyatt), le Chevalye (at the Hotel Europe), Fisherman's Sharf, The Walk About, Chaplin's, Finnegan's and Lancaster Gate. There are also several clubs that offer local entertainment with the best one being Izmir (across from the Hyatt).

Things to stop for include caviar (unless you're worried about contributing), pottery, regional clothing and handicrafts (wooden goblets, wine horns and Azerbaijan daggers). Locally produced champagne, Russian vodka and cognac are good buys.
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