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Several important innovations will be introduced on AZAL and AZALJET flights
AZAL introduces updated flight schedule on domestic routes
Azerbaijan Airlines will launch Ganja-Nakhchivan flights
Azerbaijan domestic from 25 AZN
Visas and visa support in other countries of the World
BCD Travel Azerbaijan Global Travel Assists citizens of Azerbaijan and foreign citizens in reception business and tourist visas in embassies of the foreign states in Baku, And also through consular departments in Moscow, Ankara.

The countries of the Schengen agreement
Austria, Belgium, Czech, Hungary, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Nederland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

The Countries Of Visa-Free Entry
Antigua and Barbuda (1 month)  Barbados (28 days)  Belarus  Bosnia and Herzegovina (90 days)  Botswana (90 days)   Georgia  Grenada (3 month)  Dominic (21 days)  Dominican republic (30 days)  Iran Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan  Cuba (30 days)  Laos (15 days)  Malaysia (1 month)  Maldives (30 days) Morocco (3 month) Micronesia (30 days)  Moldavia (90 days)  Moldavia (3 month)  Russia   (60days)  Swaziland (1 month)  Seychelles islands (1 month)  Serbia (90 days)  Tajikistan  Thailand (30 days) Uzbekistan  Ukraine Fiji (4 month)  Philippines (21 days)   Ecuador (90 days)
The Countries where visa is put on border
Bangladesh (15 days)Bahrain (with a number of conditions; 14 days)Bolivia (to 30 days)Haiti (3 month.)Djibouti (10 days/1 month) Egypt (30 days)Indonesia (30 days)Jordan ,Yemen (1 month.) Cambodia (1 month.) Kenya (3 month)Lebanon (At a number of conditions; 3 month.) Maverick (2 month.) Madagascar,Macaw (30 days) Macedonia (At a number of conditions) Mozambique,Namibia (month) Nepal (60/150 days) Palau (30 days)Pitcairn Island (At a number of conditions; till 14 days) RuandaSaint- Vincent (till 1 month) Singapore (transit 96 hours) Syria (At a number of conditions) Surinam (At a number of conditions) Tanzania Eastern [Timor] (30 days)Tunisia (30 days At a number of conditions)Sri Lanka (30 days) Ethiopia (3 month)Jamaica (30 days)

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