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Several important innovations will be introduced on AZAL and AZALJET flights
AZAL introduces updated flight schedule on domestic routes
Azerbaijan Airlines will launch Ganja-Nakhchivan flights
Azerbaijan domestic from 25 AZN
Azerbaijan has been inhabited for at least 3000 years, and probably a longer than that. Bronze Age settlements have been found in and around Baku. Scythians settled in the area in the 9 Th. centuries BC, followed by The Medes, followers of Zoroastrianism. The Archaemenid Persians took over half the country 200 years later, only to be absorbed by the Greeks in 330 BC.

Beginning in the 1 St Centuries AD, the area came under the control of the Romans, through after the 3-rd century the Persians came back into the picture. Arabs had control by the 1 St Centuries, but Seljuk Turks displaced them, laying the foundation of modern Azerbaijan. Beginning around 1050, the country enjoyed a cultural renaissance that witnessed many of its greatest architectural and artistic achievements.

A three-way struggle between Russia, Turkey and Persia ended in 1813, when Russia and Persia divided Azerbaijan along the Araz River. During the period of Russian rule, Azerbaijan's economy grew in relation to Russia's. Azerbaijan provided the Soviet Union with crude oil, machinery, chemicals, textiles, food and wine. While its days as Soviet supplier had dwindled its petroleum supply, Azerbaijan remained a healthy producer of crude oil, machinery, chemicals and textiles throughout the 20 Th. centuries.

The Caspian region is reputed to hold about 100 billion barrels of oil and about as much natural gas, and Azerbaijan laid claim too much of it.


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