Corporate Travel

The Global Travel was founded on May 31, 1999. And from the very beginning, it has set the goal of developing services in the field of business travel arrangements. It happened just as it would. A few years later, in 2005, Global Travel became the exclusive partner of the global BCD Travel network.

“BCD Travel” is one of the leading global companies in the field of travel management, represented in 102 countries over the world.

Benefits to the client of our profile include the following:

BCD Travel will provide the consultative expertise necessary to successfully meet your programme objectives, staying ahead of change with a clear strategy focused on delivering measurable results. We propose to bring additional value to the client and your travel programme through:

Service Leadership

BCD Travel’s proactive account management team ensures the client with a streamlined communication for all parties at every level and active participation in the client travel programme. Our team will measure performance by your standards, defined in detail through a global service level agreement.

Process Improvement

BCD Travel’s common, intuitive technology infrastructure centralises access to travel content from the growing number of suppliers and distributors. Additionally, BCD Travel will use its holistic methodology to analyse the client travel program and recommend any opportunities where the client can take advantage of process improvements.

Actionable Intelligence

Our reporting technology is global, providing the client with online consolidated reports anytime, and any place. With the integration of other countries, BCD Travel’s sophisticated online reporting tool will enable the client to access and analyse consolidated data, pre- or post-trip information, including traveller tracking security features.

Flexible Solutions

Flexible Solutions – BCD Travel prides itself in hearing closely to the client requirements and subsequently acts in accordance with the client objectives – our configurations are flexible and our agility to adapt to evolving requirements of the client is our key strength and difference. We will consult with you to determine how to shape your programme today to create a solid foundation to move together in the future, continually working towards The client's goals through development of a rolling business plan.


BCD Travel aims to develop a service configuration, tailored to meet your requirements today, allowing room to adapt as the travel program matures and we seek additional opportunities for cost reduction and optimisation.

Smart Procurement

Your assigned global account manager will develop a cost saving and process improvement plan with the client that will include measurable goals, which we will review monthly to ensure maximum cost savings in your global travel spend.