Corporate events

Corporate events are an integral part of the corporate culture, one of the most powerful tools to establish and maintain it and transforming to new staff, which allows successfully solving tasks such as teambuilding, increasing the company’s loyalty, intangible incentive (as part of employment benefits) - in a word, this is one of the most important tools of staff motivation in any company. As a full-cycle service provider, the BCD Meetings & Events team in Azerbaijan offers the clients individual programs for each planned event on the basis of direct contracts with an extensive supplier base. Each project is assigned to a personal manager who is in charge of the project from the moment of the receipt of request through the full realization of the project. All our specialists have a long experience in arranging and hosting the events, which allows ensuring a high level of project preparation at all its stages.


In the corporate culture, the following types of corporate events are distinguished:

  • training events - trainings, workshops;
  • business meetings;
  • recreational activities - excursions, sports games, quests, thematic activities;
  • intellectual - conducting psychological trainings, brain-rings.


MICE events conducted by BCD Meetings and Events:

  • scientific conferences, forums and congresses;
  • conferences and workshops for dealers;
  • presentation and representation of the client’s product trends;
  • cycle meetings;
  • Intra-corporate trainings, workshops and meetings;
  • video and audio conferences.